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Our time-travelling front door.

So, the husband and I love Doctor Who, that wonderfully weird and surprising BBC show about a time-travelling Time Lord and his human companions. We wanted to paint our front door to resemble the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space), the Doctor’s time machine/spaceship, which masquerades as a 1960’s London Police Box.  Looks like this:

I wanted a blue that was a bit more intense, more toward cerulean, especially since we have a black wrought iron security door covering the front door – I knew it would tone down the color, particularly from the street.

I picked:










Quiet Storm, by Behr from Home Depot. Exterior Semi-Gloss with built-in primer.

It took three coats, and could have used another.  Here’s a midway shot:

















It was pretty scary. It was touch and go for a while.

We also took off all the fixtures – handle, knocker, etc, and soaked them overnight in vinegar and water. It pulled off all the old paint and helped to give them a bit of a patina.

We really like how it turned out, though it’s still a bit bright when the sun hits the front of the house.

I have loads more to show you, but most of my projects are just ALMOST done, not photo-ready. SOON. I promise.

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