The Goal

The aim of is to share some of the creative, smart solutions I’ve found for “poshing” up my lifestyle.

Lifestyle: the choices you make that influence your daily existence.  For the purposes of this blog, we’re going to keep it light and stay away from the big choices, like religion, family structure, politics, and social issues.  I’m not here to change the world (at least not this way).  I’m just here to help you live those choices in a really fabulous way.

I’ve always had people say that the way we live looks as though we are wealthy – not true!  (Except in love and friendship – cheeeeeesy!)  My husband and I make smaller-than-average salaries, but we use our money in a way that reflects our priorities.  We live as debt-free as possible, very frugally in some areas, and save our money for the things that are most important to us.  We also try to look at our home, our meals, and our travels (three high priority items for us) as challenges to our creativity.  Very often, the challenge and execution of a project (building a bed, say), is as much fun and is as rewarding as actually living with it.

The Five Goals of the SmartyPosh Lifestyle:

1. Know Yourself.  If you know how you want to live, or at least how you don’t want to live, you’re already really close to having a lifestyle that is true to you.  If you’re still on the path, look at your choices, from clothing to career, and ask yourself “Is this who I really am?”

2. Make Your Lifestyle Reflect You.  All the components of your lifestyle, from what you eat to how you sleep to what you do with your time off, should be a reflection of you.  It’s all about no regrets, and living out the passions you were born with.  God made you with your own viewpoint – there’s no need to use someone else’s.

3.  Seek the Creative Approach.  For most people, taste exceeds budget.  So you’ve got to be innovative and inventive with reaching your goal.  I’m here to help with that.

4.  Enjoy the Journey.  Get away from thinking you’re going to really enjoy life “when…”  Life is NOW.  And you’re living it, so you might as well live it awesomely.  With any goal, from finishing your bathroom, to visiting a foreign country, you’ve got to enjoy the whole process.  Always remember that this is not the last wonderful thing you’ve got planned, but that it may be the last one you get to do.  So embrace the process, and be proud of yourself.

5.  Keep Trophies.  Living a rich lifestyle is all about the stories you get to tell, the memories you cherish, and looking forward to the next big thing.  Get lost in the moment, always have something great to look forward to, and keep your memories close by.


One thought on “The Goal

  1. Stephanie Peabody says:

    I love it! I can’t wait to see what you do with your house! Maybe it will give me some fresh ideas!

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